please keep the credit if you use one.

also, DO NOT EDIT MY THEMES A LITTLE BIT AND CLAIM THEM AS YOUR OWN. If you remove the credit to one of my themes and its no where else on your blog, ill message you asking for you to put it back. If you dont, ill report you to tumblr for copyright infringement.

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so this is my second theme. its pretty basic i guess lol
if you use it, please keep the credit c: 
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heres its features:
-sidebar can be placed at the top, bottom, or middle of the page
-up to 5 custom links
-optional disco background
-optional no right click
-optional energy saving mode
-optional faded images
-uploadable background and sidebar image 
-optional back to top button
- 6 custom cursors to choose from including tiny, spongebob, rock on, tumblr, bow, and i love cats.
- optional tiny scrollbar
- optional rainbow links
-optional sparkle links
- optional happy monkey font :o) 
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also if you use this theme tell me so i know people actually like them so ill make more :o) or just like this post i guess 

This is my first theme. PLEASE KEEP THE CREDIT IF YOU USE IT.
Live Preview | Code
This theme is pretty basic but its really customizable. 
-Optional No Right Click 
-Optional Faded Images
-Two link menus to choose from, drop down or links above sidebar image
-Optional side bar image
-Optional Quote
-Optional solid borders 
-Up to six custom links
-optional disco background
-hover description
-optional rainbow links
-optional glitter links 
-optional infinite scrolling
-seven different cursors to choose from including tiny, mustache, spongebob,tumblr symbol, i love cats, bow, and rock on symbol.
-optional back to top button 
-two fonts to choose from 
let me know if you use this theme so i know people actually like them loll
Live Preview | Code